Express Relief Accepts All Car Insurance

Online Urgent Care for Minor Car Accident Injuries

Express Relief’s doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide online urgent care services after a car accident. Express Relief’s Online Urgent Care is provided through HIPAA compliant secure video. Express Relief gives you the help that you need after a car accident. Also, we give you the documentation that you may need of your injuries after a car accident

Easy to Use

Express Relief is powered by the industries simplest, safest and easiest to use software.  No apps to download, just complete the Patient Registration form and login on your Iphone, Android, tablet, Mac or PC.

Urgent Care Billed to Your Car Insurance

Express Relief’s Online Urgent Care accepts your car insurance as payment whether or not you were at fault.  You are only responsible for a $50 copay at the time of service.  ​

24/7 Urgent Care Visits

Get the help you need right now.  Doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are available to help you when you need it most, right now, through Express Relief’s online urgent care video visit.

Virtual Visit

​Get the help that you need right now.  See a doctor in the comfort of your own home or office.   No sitting in an ER or doctor’s office.   After the first visit, you can follow up with Express Relief for continued medical care.

Express Relief Online Urgent Care for Minor Car Accident Injuries that may be commonly treated:

headaches, neck pain, back pain, pain, tingling and.or numbness in hands, shoulders and arms, buttocks, hips legs and/or feet, dizziness, anxiety, memory loss, confusion, nervousness about driving, anxiety and PTSD.

What can I expect at my Online Urgent Care Video Visit?

You will receive documentation of your injuries.  And depending on your diagnosis and needs, you may receive: a referral to a specialist or general practitioner for follow up care, which may be provided by Express Relief’s Virtual Care, referral for imaging studies, such as, X-rays, MRI’S and/or CT’s, proscription for home therapy supplies, like TENS and/or braces, referral for Chiropractic care and physical therapy, and prescription(s) for your pharmacy.*
Please remember, after your first urgent care visit, you can still have continued follow up medical visits and care with Express Relief Urgent Care Online.

Express Relief accepts all auto insurance, personal injury protection, PIP, and no fault auto insurance in Michigan and Washington, D.C.

Conditions that cannot be treated with an urgent care video visit: Broken Bones, cuts, bruises, contusions, Life threatening situation, loss of limb
loss of consciousness , as well as any serious life threatening major injuries that must be treated at an ER. If you feel you need help intermediately, call 911.
*Pain medications cannot be prescribed through an urgent care video visit
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